Video Game Review: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Good morning all!

Today I am going to be doing a review of a video game that I have been playing for a while now that I really quite enjoy. The name of the game is Diablo III: Reaper of Souls from the company Blizzard Entertainment, it is a fantasy fighting game similar to Dungeons and Dragons, playable on PC or console.

In Diablo III you start out needing to build a character from one of the 6 classes they offer (with a 7th character class, Necromancer, being added for purchase soon but with no release date as of yet): Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, and Wizard. Each of these classes offers a male or female option to choose from. Whichever character class and gender you choose you start out with only a basic low level weapon and a primary skill to fight with, but don’t let that frighten you away because you’re going to pick up gear and gain levels and skills very, very quickly.

Once you’ve made your character you’re going to have two options for game play, either Story Mode or Adventure Mode. In my opinion, both versions of play are great and very fun. I suggest that if you have not played this game or any of the prior games in the Diablo line that you start in Story Mode and go from there as it will give you a good feel of how to play the game and what type of monsters you’re going to be encountering. There are 3 levels you can play on if you are completely brand new to the game, they are: Normal, Hard, and Expert. From there you can unlock the Master difficulty level once you complete the Story Mode and then once your character reaches level 60 the difficulty levels Torement 1-13 are unlocked, and just as they sound they are not easy and you’re going to need good gear to get through them.

Now let’s talk about gear, there are 5 general levels of item quality that you can get either from monsters that you fight, finding them along your way, or by having your blacksmith make them for you. The first quality you’re going to start with is Common items, they are basic items that will work until you find one of the better quality items (which will happen much faster then you’d think). Common items are found when your character is at a low level or you’re playing on an easier difficulty, that is not to say that you can’t or won’t find Common items in the higher levels though. ┬áCommon items, when in your inventory will have a gray background. The next quality level is Magic items, these items are still pretty common but are less common than the Common items. Magic items will also always contain at least one special property. Items in this class are found on all difficulty levels of the game and at all skill levels of characters and they are slightly better than Common items. When you pick up a Magic item it will have a blue colored background in your inventory. After Magic items, the next higher quality items are Rare items. Rare items are tougher to find than the previous two classes of items and are better than the other two as well. Rare items have multiple special properties attached to them. These items are found once you’ve started gaining a few levels with your character. In you inventory Rare items have a yellow background. After Rare items comes Set items; as the name implies these items are part of a multi item set that you will either collect piece by piece, have your blacksmith make for you, or you can get certain sets by completing the seasonal challenges. Set items are much more difficult to find than the Common or Magic items, but also have higher special properties that come with them. The other cool part about Set items is that when you collect so many pieces (typically 2, 4 and 6 pieces) you gain other special properties on top of the already in place properties and they normally do a much higher percentage of damage on a certain attack or similar skill powers. You will know what Set you have pieces for by the name of the item as well as there being a list on your inventory screen of all of the names of the items in the particular Set and what body area they go on. Set items start getting found as you gain character levels and the background color in your inventory is green. There are a couple of higher level Set items that can be found: there are Ancient Set items that can only be found on Torment I or higher, and there are Ancient Primal Set items that can only be found after you complete a Greater Rift 70 alone. The final type of item you can get are Legendary type items. Legendary items are the best (with the exception of the two different types of these items I will explain at the end of this) items that you can come across in Diablo III. Legendary items are normally higher powered and come with multiple special properties aimed specifically for your character class. You can start finding Legendary items when you start gaining levels. Besides Set items, Legendary items are going to be the items you want to use with your characters for the most efficiency and highest damage/armor. If you get your character to level 70 and are able to comfortably play on Torment I, you have the chance to find Ancient Legendary items that are better than regular Legenday items and just like Set items if you can complete a Greater Rift 70 alone you can start finding Primal Ancient Legendary items that are as near perfect as possible.As you play through the game you will also find armor items, jewelry pieces, gems, crafting items, cosmetic items, and more.

My personal opinion of this game is that it is very fun, albeit repetitive as you only have so many maps that you can play through HOWEVER you can always change the difficulty to challenge yourself. I have been playing this game for a few months now, have completed the story line, and can play on Torment level 7 with my main character. I have started a second character in a different class type and am now building it up to it’s full potential. As fun as playing the story mode was, my favorite aspect is goblin hunting for hard to get items in Adventure Mode. I like being able to go at the pace I choose and if I decide not to finish a map then I don’t have to. The only disclaimer I will make is that I have only played the console version of this game and do not know if the PC game plays differently.

I highly recommend trying Diablo III: Reaper of Souls if fantasy games are your cup of tea, it has a very good story for Story Mode and Adventure Mode is make your own kind of fun. It is NOT the video game version of Dungeons and Dragons but if you enjoy that kind of imaginative game this will be like bringing that to life.

I hope this review was helpful to anyone that may be looking for a new video game to play and hadn’t heard much about Diablo before.