Good morning everyone,

I just wanted to take a second to apologize for not getting new reviews up very quickly as of late. I had been working three jobs and that had kept me from having time to do almost anything let alone be able to really do things to get to review on here. That being said, if there is ANYTHING that you would like to have me do a review of on here please feel free to email me suggestions at wendyreviewseverything @hotmail.com and I will do my best to find whatever it may be as long as it is available in Southern California.

I have currently cut back to 2 jobs (still working 7 days per week though) so I will have a little bit more time to find stuff to review for you. After May 21st, one of my two jobs is ending so I will absolutely have much more time after then to get reviews done.

Thank you all, that might subscribe and actually be interested in my opinions, for your patience while I try to make ends meet monetarily. I promise that I will get something put up on here very soon for your reading pleasure.